Problem pausing a video at a specific time to synchronize with the audio

I am trying to pause a video at a specific time and resume it a few second later (to make time for the audio to finish). 

I added landmarks and these triggers : Pause video when timeline reaches landmark 1. Resume video when timeline reaches landmark 2.

It does nothing. Could you please help me with that?


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Walt Hamilton

In my opinion, it takes a lot of fiddling around to do this. I would split the video, and have the first part end when it runs out. Keep the timeline running, and start the second part when the audio ends.

To tell the truth, since I'm a lazy control freak, I would put the first video and the audio on a slide, then duplicate the slide, erase the video and audio, and place the second half of the video on the second slide. Have the first slide jump to the second slide when the audio ends. Almost no buttons, triggers, landmarks, cues, or anything else that might be hard, (or hard to get to function correctly), and exact complete control.