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Bruce Graham

Gerry Wasiluk said:

This may be me, but I wouldn't download a video, especially one that is copyrighted, from YouTube unless one had permission from the video owner.

Agreed 100%, however, if you are allowed to, here are the latest hints form Support:

Hope that helps.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey, Gerry, then it's you and me . Copyright and fair use - intellectual property rights. We all need to pay attention.

I've written a couple blog posts on this topic, but It Could Happen to you: Inadvertent Copyright Infringement describes a situation where an author ran into trouble by inadvertently using someone's else's stuff.

And aside from potential liability, "it just ain't right."

Gerry Wasiluk

Yup , I recently used getFLV to download some videos from YouTube for a few Storyline courses for a client. 

The client's division had produced the videos and posted them on YouTube but then no one knew had to get copies to me to use in the Storyline courses.  So the client got me permission to get them from YouTube and use in their courses.

Maxim Iegorychev

Good to see all you comments!

I support the idea of prpoperty rights. In my concrete situation the video is mine so I do not infrigne anybody's rights. I put the video on Youtube and then used the link in the course. I did this on purpose as the quality of video inserted directly into the Storyline project as a file was of poorer quality for some reason (I assue due to decoding). But then the video from Youtube does not play on my i-Pad (on PC it runs well though). 

Hope it clarifies the nature of my concern and helps you specify your advice. 

Thanks a lot to all!

Widya  Y

It is nice to see all the comments too!

I also support property rights and I download from YouTube only for personal use and that is why I do not object to quality of the videos.

For example there are some tutorial videos on Storyline. I downloaded them and embedded them in Storyline project for offline watching and learning. The size and mobility of ipad help to re-watch the videos wherever i go.

Putting a link to Storyline project is also an option, but I cannot watch  offline.

Actually, I see Maxim"s posting as technical issue, but it turned out into a different discussion.

Anyhow, this forum is always interesting and inspiring for me!

Thanks a lot guys!