Problem publishing story.html file online


I have created a story.html file, which has been copied across to a network drive.

I can run the story.html file from the network drive if I open it directly from there. However, if I try to put the story.html file on my company intranet, the story.html file does not run properly (the video doesn't play, and the "Try me now" section just crashes). I have also tried creating a Word/Powerpoint document with a hyperlink directly to the story.html file, and this doesn't work either.

Can anyone shed some light or have any ideas?

Your help is much appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nadia,

After following the steps to published your course for web, you'll want to move your web-ready course to your website or server, give it a test run, and then send your users a link to the story.html file so they can access your course. Here's how you can upload your published Articulate content to a web server. 

Also, in regards to your videos, you'll want to make sure your intranet supports the necessary MIME types. 

Nadia Field

I have tried all of this. The story.html file will actually run so we have the link working, it just will not run properly - the video content does not run, and it crashes at the "Try me now" section.

So we don't know why!

I have tried storing the published files in various locations network locations and on our intranet, but it still will not run properly :-(