problem publishing videos - storyline is re-publishing old video

Jul 09, 2017

Hi everyone folks, let me start from the beginning: I've been handed a .story file and my job is to reduce overall size of the output for viewing in slow- speed connection environments. The courses are essentialy video-based, so I proceeded to reduce videos size by importing them in Camtasia, re-publishing them with low quality settings. I eventually came to the desired video-size, and reloaded the videos in my .story file.

When publishing however, Storyline keeps putting in the story_content folder the old file (see screenshot - last edit data is different from the other content and size is the same as previous - I guess it's from the last time I published the course with the old video in it).

I tried to tweak publish settings for videos, turn on and off compression on single videos, no result.

I understand that Storyline puts published videos in some "temp" folder to save publishing time, but how can I override this behaviour? I checked also in %appdata% folder, no trace of "pre-published" videos. Where does that video comes from? :) The only solution I found is to manually substitute video files in published folder, but is not viable for a couple of reasons.

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem and found any solution? I did my homework to check the forums, found some similar but not exactly the same problems.

Kudos as always!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Dario,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this.

Are you deleting and re-adding a video or replacing a video? Either way, are you changing the name of the video file once you've done your file reduction/compression?

When you are seeing the screen shot above, is that before re-publishing or are you stating that the video is not changing in the project file?

Sorry for so many questions, just want to be sure I understand what you are experiencing :)

Content Developer

Thank you Leslie, it happens when I'm replacing a video and yes, I'm changing the name. The screenshot above is seen after replacing the video and re-publishing the project. As you can see, other files in the output have the "last modified" date equal to the moment of publishing, and only one file (the one that I've actually replaced) is staying with a different date, so it's kind of over-riding the publishing.

Crystal Horn

Dario, one last question, for troubleshooting.  What happens if you open a new project (or even copy the existing project file), import the original slides?  If you give it a slightly different name, and then publish, I wonder if the new settings will stick since it's a new file.

I'm just trying to think of quick workarounds for you while we figure out why those older settings are persisting in the new output!

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