Problem running mobile html5 version of tutorial

Aug 12, 2015


I have been assessing the trial version of Storyline 2. I have created some tutorials and published them using the web, html5 options. I have tested them by loading into google drive and I've managed to run them on a desktop pc, tablet and my phone - so far so good.

The trial has now ended but I just needed to check that they would be OK on the web server where they will eventually reside. I zipped the output files and sent to our web guys. I am then running the story.html file.

The tutorials seem fine on a pc & tablet but on mobile all the elements are missing ie I get a blank screen (no text, images etc); the player is still there and oddly the audio is running.

Have I done something really daft? Is this because I've used the trial version?

Any help appreciated.


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Cheryl Kent


the phone is android version 4.4.3, chrome 44.0.2403.133

I'm almost sure I had it running OK from the google drive but that was a while ago (during the trial) so I'm starting to doubt myself. It doesn't seem to run now from either the google drive or the web server (problem with mobile only for both google drive and web server).

I noticed the following post: HTML5 Output Compatibility with Google Chrome 44

Could this be my problem?

Leslie McKerchie
Hi Cheryl!
When you use Google Chrome 44 to view Articulate Storyline HTML5 output, you may find that slide content is missing. This issue was fixed in Update 6. See this article for details.
The Articulate Updater for Chrome automatically scans and updates your published courses so HTML5 output will work in Google Chrome 44 and later. See this article for the download link and instructions.

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