Problem SCORM and Quizzing Freeform Drag and drop

I have a problem with SCORM reponses  when I use Freeform Drag and drop.

I have 5 drag Items and drop targets but if I don't at least have one correct answer, this interaction is not registered  in my table. But If I have only one good response, the interaction is registered in my table.

Have you a solution for this problem ?

Thanks a lot.

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Guillaume PELLIEN

Hello Brian,

My slide is already a freeform Drag and drop. I have 7 Drag Item with 7 Drop Target. When I have one correct answer, meaning, the right drag item in the right drop target, a response is sent to the LMS. But, on the contrary, if a drag items is not the right drop target, nothing is sent, and that's the problem.

Best regards,

Guillaume PELLIEN