Problem sending scorm trace to moodle

Hello friends:

I have a course built with articulate 360, it consists of different slides and some multiple choice questions in the middle of the contents.
At the end of the course I have a summary slide.
To complete the course it is only necessary to visualize the contents, it is not necessary to answer the questions correctly.
The problem is that when publishing the file to scorm frame in the registration section: Register using the number of slides, and I select the minimum number of slides seen to finish. (26 of 26, for example)
I import the scorm in moodle, but the result it gets in the student report is 0.
How could I solve it?
To thank

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Joseph Francis

I almost never use the number of slides viewed to determine course completion. Instead, I insert a new trigger on the last slide, and set it to:

Exit course
When the timeline ends on this slide

Then, when I publish, I (inside of Publish > LMS > Reporting and Tracking Options [Reporting and Tracking...] > Tracking ) de-select the When the learner has viewed checkbox and select the Using triggers (e.g. 'complete course') checkbox.