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Jul 15, 2014


I made a slide on which there are 120 states on one object.

When pressing a button (+1) a variable counts upwards and the state of the object is changed accordingly (change state of object to x when variable equals x).

Everything works fine up until state 100. Instead of showing state 100, the text of the state isn't there. And it isn't there for states 100 to 120.

I very much hope I overlooked something, but I don't think I did.

Please let there not be a maximum number of states or a maximum on a variable...

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Greg Faust

I hadn't heard of such a limit, but, then, I never had more than a dozen states of an object. I know there's an absolute image resolution limit of 2047 x 2047 (, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were a hard limit on states as well.

What is your detective work showing on the states screen? Do the states all seem to be working correctly as long as you aren't previewing/publishing?

If it does turn out that there's a limit on states, I guess the workaround is to break it into two objects, delete half the states from each, replace one of your state-change triggers with triggers to hide the first object and set the second object to its first state, and edit the higher-number triggers to change the state of the second object rather than the first.

Michel Koster

Exactly my idea. I just tried breaking it into two object and that seems to work.

I guess there is a maximum number of states of 100 on an object.

Don't like it, but with the second object to take over the remaining states it is workable.

The states seemed to be working fine, but in preview they went blanc from state 100.

Thank you for thinking with me and it's nice to come up with the same idea... that gives my confident that I understand AS and am able to find work arounds myself

Michel Koster

Hi Ashley,

I created a box for elements. There are 118 elements in the periodic table.

The variable I mentioned is the atomic number. Students can change the atomic number variable at will by entering a number in an entry field or by clicking a button (Z+1, or Z+10). So with atomic number 1 I want the element box to show 'H', I did this with states.

So the element box states are: 1 = H, 2 = He, 3 = Li... you get the picture. Actually the slide contains more... I also integrated changable atomic mass and charge.

Maybe it could be done in a different (of more effective way), but this was more easy to do (I think) then working with layers and I don't understand anything of coding :-S (exactly why I love AS).

This tool actually already exists as a creative commons java application, but I wanted to fit it into my own course and style.

This is the original application I borrowed the idea from:

I would love it if I could also recreate some other stuff out of that application, but one thing at the time.

Michel Koster

Thanks, I found that one yesterday and asked Phil for it. He send it to me right away. Not sure if I can use it, since my students are Dutch. Why don't we all just speak one language?

I was impressed by the work of Phil on this slide!

The downside of such a project is that it is slow on (down and up) loading though, but the slide is useful to me as I can study the way it was set up and understand AS better that way.

Webobjects don't seem to work with me b.t.w. but I already understood this is probably due to browser security settings. I was recommended to save the projects on a different server, but unfortunately I don't have acces to one. I'll have to make it work sometimes, because I really like the idea of the wiki-web objects.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Phil (and all of our super heroes) are pretty awesome that way. I'm glad he was able to help you out.

In regards to the web objects, do you need a server to host the web object or it's not playing once you put the published course on your server? Either way - you may want to look into some of the options in this article for a server. If the web object is missing when viewing your published content I'd begin by reviewing the ideas here.

Michel Koster

Thank you.

It's about not playing once I've published and I'm always publishing for LMS.

I'm sure the solution is in storing the content on another server. I'll contact our ICT department for that, or our LMS-host (which is maybe more logical).

Thanks for helping so much. These are useful conversations for me. (although it probably doesn't belong in one thread)

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