Problem trimming length of audio files

May 20, 2015

I imported a MP3 file to a slide, and then used the "edit audio" tab to cut about 10 seconds of unused sound from the end of the audio file . I used the "crop" function  and then clicked "save and close".

storyline saved the file as "audio1" and updated the timeline accordingly. When right-clicking the edited audio file I can see that the length is correct - 10 seconds shorter.

However when I publish and view the slide, the slide continues to play past the end of the slide - exactly 10 seconds worth. There is nothing to see and nothing to hear.

I guess the slide length is somehow broken. The slide still thinks it contains the original unedited version of the audio file.

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gary vey

thanks guys for the quick response. Actually it was something rather banal. I imported the audio file which was 27 seconds long. Since it was longer that the other stuff on the slide the audio file "pushed" the end marker out to 27 seconds. The I trimmed the audio file down to 17 seconds and didn't think to drag the end marker to the new end length. So the slide played past the end of the audio file till it got to 27 seconds.

Since the slide duration was so long the end marker was off the screen at the right. I had to scroll to find it. I was really pulling my hair out trying to find out what i did wrong.

Maybe here's a suggestion for a feature improvement: a "magnetic" end marker that automatically jumps to the end of the slide after changing (shortening) it's duration.

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