Problem Uploading to SABA

we're doing some simple courses (screenshots and minimum content, no downloads or external files) and the client is having issues with uploading the course.

The name itself in the course is short and simple, and we already tried to delete any "foreign" characters (there weren't any, unless accents count as one) and they still have the same issues. These are the errors encountered (roughly translated by me from spanish):

(43073) Couldn't import the content inventory: O09-Procred (course name I suppose)

(43190) There was a duplicated value for the name of the content and for the combination of versions.

The course is published in Story 3 with scorm 1.2 and we already tried doing the same steps that we had found on another posts here that had worked for some previous courses with no success. Everything works perfectly fine with Scorm Cloud.

I have practically no knowledge of the manifest things and anything besides making a simple scorm for platforms like Moodle, so I rely mostly on my supervisors on that. I only know that SABA is a bit picky when uploading LMS courses.

Anyone had any similar issues? 

EDIT: We have asked the client if they had contacted SABA already. Still no reply.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mica,

I'm sorry to hear you've run into such trouble uploading to Saba. 

If it's working when uploading to SCORM Cloud, contacting Saba and working it through with their support is the best recommendation.

I hope that others in the community can chime in here with some ideas or tips to help you in the meantime!