Problem using F12 key

I have a slide where I need to press the number 1 key on the keyboard, then press the F12 key to go to the next slide (1.2 slide 2).

I'm using Google Chrome as my browser when publishing, which isn't affected by the F keys like Internet Explorer is.

I've created a data input field called 'number 1' and set a variable and  trigger;

Set Number1 equal to the typed value when the control loses focus.
Jump to 1.2 slide 2 when the user presses the F12 key if Number1 is equal to 1.

It doesn't work using any F key, but it will work using the enter key or tab key. Is it possible to get this to work using the F12 key?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

You'll have to publish it to see it working - as F12 causes the preview to restart - but this is what I meant, sorry for not being clearer. Essentially the user presses the 1 (which actually triggers something else entirely) but to get the slide to advance they have to press 1 first, which changes a variable and then pressing F12 will work.