Problem watching videos with android

Hello to all!

I have upgraded yerterday my storyline into storyline 2 because the first version had problems in ipad that has been resolved in this new one.

Everything was ok until I found that in android I couldnt watch any video (the same videos that worked perfectly in storyline1 android). I have proved it in my LG smartphone (LG-E610 with android 4.0.3) and in a samsung tablet(GTP-7500 with android 4.2.1)

Is there a known issue that involves video/android/storyline2? As I said that same videos worked perfectly in storyline/android...

Thaks in advance,


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Jesus Pérez

Hello Emily,

Thanks for your response.

Im using only the html5 option, not the mobile app (in ipad i see it without problems).

I have realised that is not only the video but also the audios the things I cant hear (and watch)

Note: I have made a minitest and in both devices I can watch other videos and hear audios.

Is it possible that the problem is caused by...

-Codification of the video.

-Sizes of the video or sizes of the screens?

-The javascript that i have in the screens? (I know that in mobile devices this code doesn't work, at least in storyline1).

-Size of the course.