Problem when inserting a SWF File into a slide

Feb 27, 2014


I have got a problem while inserting a SWF file into a slide with Storyline.

As this animation requires an interactivity (buttons inside the file), I use Insert Flash to be incorporated independatly of the Timeline.

After the insertion, I cannot see any objects (in the timeline it is OK) but nothing appears (transparent within a zone). In preview mode, nothing is shown. I also tried to use Set Poster Frame but it does not help.

I have enclosed the Animation within this post for your information.

PS: I use a XML file as extra to translate the text, can be the problem?

Thanks in advance



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Julien Martin-Schmitt


It does not work and I made some tests internally.

When I insert a Flash without XML linked it is OK. From the moment I have an external XML file for the text, Storyline is bugging.

Is it a problem of Storyline that does not allow this kind of Flash? Or I made a wrong manipulation?

Please help, wre use a lot of Simulation like this.

Thanks in advance


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