Problem - Which Quiz Results Slides work for LMS Reporting ??

Apr 24, 2013

My Quiz Result slide will not report to LMS .... here is what I have developed in the Project;

I have 2 Quizzes, basic multiple choice (each Quiz has a Quiz Result slide) and I created a 3rd Quiz Result slide that selects the 2 Quiz results slides (this is the Course Results slide).

I want to report when the Course is completed to LMS, so I select the Course Results slide to track when I Publish to LMS. However when I use this slide nothing is ever reported to LMS.

If I select one of the Quiz Results slides, I can get some results to the LMS, but then it's just for that single Quiz.

How can I get Articulate to report to LMS the results from a Quiz Results slide that selects multiple results slides?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Ray!

Here's the exact data that Storyline will send to your LMS. 

And you may want to try testing your course in SCORM Cloud to help us determine if the issue is Articulate-related or if it's on your LMS's side. If you're not getting the results you expect in SCORM Cloud either, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. 

The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Hope that helps, Ray

Ray Mooney

Hi Peter,

I did test the SCO using SCORM Cloud and it does not report to SCORM.

Let me make sure I explain the setup of my Articulate Project and the publishing I use to help you understand my issue better, as I may not have explained it best for you.....

I have a project that contains 3 Quiz Results slides;

     1. Quiz 1 Result slide - based on multiple choice

     2. Quiz 2 Result slide - based on multiple choice

     3. ** Quiz 3 Result slide - based on selecting 1 and 2 above, with "user must pass each quiz" selected.

When I publish to LMS I am selecting Quiz 3 for reporting. Using Quiz 3 I get the following results from LMS and testing using SCORM Cloud;

- Completion: Incomplete

- Success: unknown

- Score: 100%

If I select Quiz 1 or 2 (a specifc Quiz Result slide) for reporting to LMS the SCORM reporting is sucessful.

I hope this helps explain my issue better for you.

Thank You for your help on this.

Ray Mooney

Thanks Peter.

I attached the source.story to an email from "Cleo Sinues, Articulate Support " with the email Subject: "RE: Case #00330836: Attention Peter Anderson. Here is the Storyline project ...    [ ref:_00D30Txo._50040QYGDC:ref ]:

I just sent the email.

The source.story is named: DOT_Quiz_To_Articulate

Let me know if I can supply anything else.

Thank You!!


Peter Anderson

Hi Ray

I've escalated your case to Cleo, and you're in good hands. He'd just like some additional information from you so he can help get this resolved. Please reply to his below questions directly via the email you should've received from Articulate Support:

1) What steps did you take that resulted in this issue?
2) What was the expected outcome?
3) What was the actual outcome?
4) Were there any error messages? If yes, please attach a screenshot for faster resolution. (You can take a screenshot by pressing ALT-Print Screen and then CTRL-V in a Word document).
5) You can also record a quick screencast to show us what's occurring, using our web-based screen recorder below. (This is a private recording that only our support team will see.)

If you didn't receive the email, please let me know. 

Thanks, Ray!

Ray Mooney

Thanks Peter!

I received the email from Cleo and I've started my response to the questions.

A question for you  ..... I have run the project with the debug turned on. Would you like me to send a copy of the SCORM debug-output attached to the email to Cleo?  It may be of help to someone, it's Greek to me as I don't understand SCORM speak  )

You have the source.story and the source.LMS-zip file .... do you need anything else from me?

Again, THANKS for all your help!


Peter Anderson

Hi Ray and Steve, 

It looks like Cleo was able to get this published and functioning properly on SCORM Cloud. Because SCORM Cloud is the industry standard for testing SCORM content, if a course functions properly there, it would an indicate an issue with your personal LMS provider. 

Please either let me or Cleo know if you have any follow up questions. 


Ray Mooney

Good Morning,

I need more information as the SCO does not run sucessfully when I run the SCO in SCORM Cloud. I screen captured my Storm Cloud results that show the error and sent this to Cleo yesterday. Below is the result. You will notice that the Completion = Incomplete (it should be Complete) and the Success = unknown. These are not corrrect for the quiz result I am using.

Please let me know what I need to do next, it's not working?

Thanks, Ray

Thanks, Ray

Ray Mooney

Good Morning again Peter,

..... if you want to see something REALLY interesting, change the Quiz Result slide you use to report against!!

 If you select a Quiz Result slide that is based on questions it works!!  The issue seems to be if you report to LMS using a Quize Result slide is based on other Quiz Results something does not work correctly ...... just a thought  )

Thanks as always, Ray

Ray Mooney


Here is some additional information from the Scorm Cloud testing I have done .... you may have already seen this as well.

I will be traveling-flying the rest of the day heading home, so I will not be able to view posts until late tonight. I will check the status then.

If you email me status I can pick it up.

Please let me know what you find. The Bayer project is on-hold pending resolution of this issue.

Thanks for all the help,


Peter Anderson

Hi Ray, hope you had a nice weekend

So with help from Justin G., I think I may have some information that's going to help here. 

The results don't seem to be getting reported correctly to you because the users aren't being forced to view the "Course Results" button you've included. Using the published link that Cleo sent to you, you should see the behavior you're expecting as long as you're sure to click the "Course Results" button after completing the course. This will send the appropriate completion status. I'd recommend pushing your learners to that results slide automatically rather than relying on them to click the button on their own. 

As for the "Satisfaction" status, if you change your LMS reporting options to either "Passed/Incomplete" or "Passed/Failed," you should get Completion: Complete and Satisfaction: Passed.

Let us know if that helps get you the behavior you're looking for...

Ray Mooney

Hello Peter,

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier today, but some other "Fires" came up that had to be put out.

There's Good News and several design considerations that are critical for this method to be successful and possibly worth highlighting in some tutorials  (I wouldn't have learned any of this SCORM stuff this had worked the first time - HaHa).

Keep in mind that my prototype-test Story has only 3 Quiz Results slides as follows. Our Production Story will have 11 Quiz Results. The Prototype is;

1. Result slide based on quiz questions.

2. Result slide based on quiz questions.

3. Result slide based on the above 2 results slide **

** used for LMS Tracking

I believe Cleo's tutorial example was of 3 Result slides all based on quiz questions, but I don't think this is the key to the puzzle.

The GOOD NEWS     I believe you hit the nail on the head, this is really a DESIGN ISSUE at the heart of it all!!!  You MUST leave-exit your Story from the LMS Reporting Result Slide you want to report to LMS, or the RESULT SLIDE from your last completed quiz if you are leaving the Story and are coming back to take the additional quizzes later!! If you don't Articulate does not report the correct information to to SCORM.

      I assumed that the result-data was stored variable data and passed to SCORM-LMS when-ever and where-ever you left the Story, apparently not. I took both quizzes and exited from Result slide 3 and SCORM had the correct results!!!!!!   I also took Quiz 1, exited from the Result slide for Quiz 1, came back and took Quiz 2 and everything reported correctly. IF YOU DO NOT EXIT THE STORY FROM A QUIZ SLIDE THE SCORM DATA WILL NOT BE REPORTED CORRECTLY!!!  .... that's what I am seeing (is that correct??).

Given these Articulate reporting constraints we will have to evaluate other design options. The desire is to not have to end the Story after taking a Quiz. The Learner may need to go off to other slides and media contained in the Story.

Can you think of other methods for the Learner to complete the Quiz then move onto other slides and still get the correct results reported, or must the Learner always have to end the Story on, or after, the Results slide? 

Again .... THANKS EVERYONE for all your help on this! 


Peter Anderson

Morning, Ray!

Thanks for taking the time to explain where you're at with this one, and I'm glad we're making some progress

Like you said, the issue is that with your tracking options, the results slides are considered a necessary slide that the viewer must see in order to consider the course as completed. If that doesn't flow into your course design, keep in mind that the results slides can always be customized to look any way you'd like. For example, you could make the results slide look less like a results slide and more like an introduction slide to the next module or quiz. 

Keep me posted with your progress, and good luck!

Ray Mooney

Hello Peter  ...... I'm back  )

I've run into another snag in reporting the course results  :-(     

Following your recommendation I made changes to the slide navigation to force the user to have to exit from the course results slide. This works very good, thanks for your help on this.

The problem I have run into now is when I the Learner RESUMES the course during the second quiz (or later quizzes), the SCORM results are not reported correctly. My Articulate course results slide looks perfect and shows the individual quiz results as being passed but SCORM results are not correct. 

I have created a PDF document that contains screen captures of Articulate slides and SCORM Cloud results. I've tried to attach the PDF to this post but I'm not sure it is attaching. Let me know if I need to send it to you in another way.

..... back down the rabbit hole again - Ahhhhhhhh!

Let me know what you see as a next step.

Thanks, Ray

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