Problem with a custom Score Detail / Variables.

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with a custom Score Detail.

score detail

I created a variable %Incorrect2% to show if it is correct/incorrect.


The problem arise when we have a Multiple Response.

In the following case to get the correct feedback you need to select three of the four answers. 

question 2

So you have the following posibilities.

Correct answer posibilities:

Three of the four selected (the correct ones).

Incorrect answers posibilities:

- One selected
- Two selected
- Three selected but not the correct ones, and
- Four selected

Then we inserted the Trigger:


The problem is with the four answers selected. If we select first three answers and, by any chance, they are the correct ones, and after that we select the fourth answer, we get the correct feedback instead of the incorrect feedback.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.


























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Darren Heath

Hi Sebastian,

I used the following conditions on a trigger and as far as I can see, you get a correct response when the first 3 are selected, and if at any point the user clicks option 4 it is classed as incorrect.

Does this solve your problem?

Trigger solution


Second trigger

 ** EDIT **

and finally another trigger in case the learner gets trigger happy as there is a way to still get a correct response after initially getting it correct, then incorrect