Problem with a duplicate slide of an interaction

I wanted to use the interaction you find in attachment (Elearning heroes). The problem is that when I copy and paste the slide to make 2, the second does not work. I have not yet find out why and that is why I seek your help.

Here is an explanatory video:

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Steve Prud'Homme

Ok, but I resolved the problem differently... I don't know if it's a bug or something. I have version 7 1509.1408 of Stroyline 2. One of my colleagues has version 4 1501-717. When he use on my slide the function: "Duplicate" with the version 4 1501-717. It works. If I do with my version 7 1509.1408 it does not work. If I take the Storyline file produced on my colleague's computer (on version 4 1501-717)  it works. Here is the version produced on Storyline 2 4 1501-717.

Crystal Horn

Hey there Steve!  How about we get you and your colleague on the latest update of Storyline 2?  :)   We always recommend that when troubleshooting issues.  

That said, I opened your .story file in Update 11 and I think I see what you're saying.  When I duplicated the slide, all the elements came over, but the slider variables are not working to reveal the layers or change the states.

I'm going to do some testing on this behavior and let you know what I figure out.  Our QA team is investigating an issue where duplicating a slide with many triggers is causing weird behavior, so I'd like to nail down what's going on with yours.

Thanks for pointing this out!

Julia Lee


have you found a resolution? I'm having the same issue. I have slide 1 with an interaction on it that is working fine. It submits the interaction on submit button and shows custom 'correct' and 'incorrect' layers. I duplicated slide 1 as a 'starter' for another interaction on slide 2, but the 'correct' and 'incorrect' layers will not show. nothing happens when I click the submit button on slide 2 (the duplicated slide).

Nina Devincent

Dear all,

I'm having the exact same issue in one of my module. When I duplicate a slide with some interactions, it does not work well.
For example, I have a dragNdrop intercation, I'm using my own submit button and it works on te^he 1st slide. The 2nd and 3rd slide does only recognize the incorrect answer...