Problem with a Storyline file


Could you please help me? I am working on a Storyline file where for each section there is a green tick appearning to show that the section is done. It was working well but now when I am checking there is a big mess. The green icons appears following no order. Could you please have a look at the file? Thanks a lot.

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Susi B

Hi Krisztina,

you use the same variable for each layer/tick. You count the clicks, so on the first layer you can click 3 times. But if you click more than 3 times, it is still counting, because you are not limiting it to 3. So the counting continues and because you use the same variable for all layers the other ticks get activated. :)

You shoul duse different variables for your layers/objects. And always test what happens when you click forwards and backwards more often than required.



Phil Mayor

I built this one!

This used to work well in flash, but as Susy says in the HTML output in 360 and 3 you need to find another way to do this. As when variable changes triggers even though they are on layers they still fire.

You are in luck when I redid part of my website I rebuilt this back in January to work right for 360