Problem with a URL Link


Hope someone can help me here...

I'm trying to insert a trigger into a course that opens a page on our intranet. I copied the URL link into File: in the Trigger Wizard and clicked on the Test link button and it works. When I clicked on OK and tested the slide, it didn't work anymore. I spent a while yesterday thinking about permissions on the network, typing errors, random changes in the fabric of time...

When I reopened the Link the following had happened....

Part of the link is ?accountname=tss\nick.hancock, after clicking OK, this is changed to  ?accountname=tss/nick.hancock

Obviously this is no longer a valid URL. How can I (Or can I even) stop Storyline from changing my \ into a /?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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Nancy Woinoski

Interesting... I wonder if the auto correct feature (for text) is kicking in and changing your address somehow. 

It was making some strange "corrections" for me in the notes section a while back so I disabled it.

This is just a wild guess so it may not work but try inserting a word on your slide that has a typo and then right click on it and select Spelling from the menu and thenm select Options - try deselecting Auto Correct.

Then go back and redo your link.