Problem with accessibility tabbing with new March 5, 2019 update to Storyline 3

Mar 12, 2019

I cannot make rhyme or reason of the changes that have been made to the accessibility tabbing with the new update. What worked in my file before no longer works, and now buttons are not being highlighted with a yellow rectangle that WERE being highlighted before. I seem to be having more issues with this latest update than I had with the prior version. I'd really like someone to take a look at my file and tell me how to:

- ensure that all buttons that I have in the tab order are being highlighted when tabbed to
- identify why there are several "dead" tabs on each slide (things that I'm obviously tabbing to but that aren't highlighted when I use the tab key - nothing is highlighted so I have no idea where I am on the slide) and how to get rid of them
- explain how the layer controls and other things work together NOW in this NEW version to impact tab order.

I am using Storyline 3 with the March 5th update, I am publishing out for LMS with SCORM 1.2, HTML5 with Flash fallback. If you'll send me a link to send in my file, I will provide more details on the issues I'm seeing now that I didn't see before, as well as the things that are still not working that did not work prior to the update.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Miriam, 

I'm sorry for the unexpected changes from the update, and the frustration that's causing, but you came to the right place for help! 

I didn't see a Support case for you either yet, so I went ahead and opened one using the details you shared here. That confirmation email will be delivered shortly and you'll see an upload link where you can share your .story file and the link to your published output if able. Our Support Team will take a look and be in touch as soon as they can! 

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