Problem with adding custom colors

Nov 08, 2020


I just got a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 14 7000) and I loaded Storyline on it and was surprised to see that the custom colors in a project didn't carry over. And I can't seem to add them either. I use the eye dropper in the panel and it looks like I am picking it up, the RGB numbers change but the color only shows as gray. 

Anyone know what's going on? 

I also use a dual monitor if that matters. I'm sure this is just a color setting I'm missing?

Image attached is screen capture of trying to pick up the blue in the arrow which is a custom color I need and only the gray showing in the panel. 

Thanks in advance!


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Katie Riggio

Hi Kathleen! 

Thanks for providing all those helpful clues and a screenshot. 

We had a bug where the color picker would not work in Storyline 360 when there was more than one monitor. 

Update 30 holds a fix, but if it's not working right for you on a recent update, we'd love to explore further! In fact, I see you're already working with Vevette from our Support team — I'll follow along!

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