Problem with animation by paragraph


I have a big issue with the paragraph animation. When I add a paragraph even at the end of the text, all animations are lost. It's really bad, as they are all synchronized on the speech. I have to redo each time all the synchro, wasting a lot of time. I don't understand why the timeline is changed when adding text.
is there a way to overcome this issue, fixing the time once for all ?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Eric, 

Thank you for providing a video of what you are seeing! 

Based on the video provided, that is unexpected behavior and I want to double-check that the course is being worked on from your local hard drive. If you are working locally, I reccommend following these steps to resolve the erratic behavior you see: Storyline 360: How to Fix Unexpected or Erratic Behavior

If the behavior continues after following those workflows, please let us know! 



I work on my local hard drive which is a 1Tb SSD, my PC is a Lenovo P51,
core I7 7820 HQ 2.9 Ghz, 32 Gb ram, Windows 10. Perhaps too fast...

I have already checked the How to, because I had an issue when I test the slide with the space bar. some times it asked me to save the project and close story line, but if I click Cancel it continues to work without any problem.

The problem with text animation is that it adds new animations at the beginning and replaces existing ones, while the paragraph is added at the end. In fact if you add the text at the beginning the problem does not occur. For me it is a bug, the animation should be added to the position where the text is entered or at the end not to disturb other animations.