Problem with bullet points of all things

Jul 04, 2016

So how come when I make a list and then bullet it. All the bullets apart from the last one go a dark blue when the last one is black and all the text is back and nothing has had it's colours changed? Seems odd and I cant figure out how to make them change colours.

Attached screenshot to illustrate issue


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Bruce French

I tried that but it doesn't seem to be fixing. The problem is the text is black and all but the last bullet are a dark blue. It's nice looking and if they would all go like that it would be fine. 

If I change the colour of the last line of text then the bullet will change with it or if I change the colour of all the text, the last one will change to whatever colour but the rest stay blue. If I take bullets out and in through various methods the problem remains.

The only work around I've come up with is having each line in the list in it's own text box but that's not exactly ideal. I have a bunch of screens doing this.

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