Problem with disabled next button


I am using storyline 2 and I am looking for a little help with an issue I am having with a project I am working on. I have a slide where I have an image with 3 sections, each section when hovered over will show a layer and disappear when not hovered and as I don't want the customer to be able to advance until viewing all three layers I have disabled the button.

My problem occurs when I want the button to become normal, I tried to apply a status of selected when the mouse is hovered over each area and  a trigger to change the state of the button to normal when all three sections are selected but when ever the user takes the mouse from one state it is no longer selected and as such the button never activates, I also attempted to create a variable where it would add a value of 1 when each section is selected and then activate the button when the value is 3 but the user can simply roll over the same section 3 times for this.

Can anyone think of a suggestion / workaround without me losing the hover function?

any suggestions are greatly appreciated.




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kevin

create 3 objects offstage with a normal and a visited state

create a trigger to change state of offstage object 1 to visited when mouse hovered over image 1 - remove the restore check on this trigger.

repeat for the other two offstage objects.

create a trigger to change state of next button to normal when state of offstage 1, offstage 2 and offstage 3 are visited.