Problem with Drag and Drop

Hi everyone - I have created a drag and drop interaction, using groups. As you will see, the first box 'integration' and the last box 'awareness', can be clicked and dragged from anywhere in the box (grouped with the bar at the bottom). However, the middle three can only be 'picked up' by the bar at the bottom. I have tried changing the order of the two items in the group, I have published, cut and paste into a new project, closed, reopened etc, etc.... Any ideas?

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Jane Booth

The problem resolved itself but I'm not sure how. Has anyone else encountered the issue where only part of a group is able to be 'grabbed'? Is there a reason and a standard solution? Vinod, I'd be interested to find out what you did to change the behaviour of the group because, as I said, I'm not sure how I managed to get it to work but, thankfully, it is working for me now.