Problem with Draw From Question Bank and related Results Slide Grade

I have a question bank with 15 questions in it, and I have it set to include 10 questions, drawn randomly. 

The associated Results slide is set that users need 100% as passing grade (if they get 100% they get a completion report which enters them into a prize drawing)

I have a status on each question updating them with their grade, and a button that allows them to quit the test and restart (clicking resets the Results Slide score).

For some reason, when I test in Articulate Review, the question bank draws more than 10 questions, sometimes 11, sometimes more. I think this happens because it repeats questions that it draws, and it doesn't count repeats as new questions in the 10 draws. I do not want users to repeat questions. I should note that each question is individually set to Score by Question, Attempts: 1.

It also gives the user a 100% score after answering one question right. I have each question set to 10 points per correct answer. 

They should only get 10% at a time per correct question. 

Please advise.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rebecca.  We are investigating an issue where users get 100% after answering the first question correctly and leaving the quiz. I'm not sure why those question draws are not pulling the correct number of questions specifically in Articulate Review, however.

Would you be able to share your .story file with our support team so we can verify how your course is set up?  It'll be helpful to see the triggers and the way the variables are referenced.  Thanks!