Problem with editing states on free form slides

Jun 01, 2016

Hi there. I'm working on several storyfiles and noticed something strange. When I have converted a slide to free form and I want to edit the states of some shapes on the slide, the possibilities to change the color of the shape etc. (the 'Drawing tools' tab) disappear as soon as I click on the "Edit states" button. 

On normal slides I can perfectly edit states and select the 'Drawing tools' tab. It appears to happen on free form slides only. Is this a limitation of free form slides or is this a known issue?

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Vera G

Hi Wendy,

The problem exists in several different project files. I work in Storyline 2.
To make myself more clear I have made a screenshot. This is the 'tab' I described:


Both are highlighted when I select the shape. Then as soon as I press the "Edit states" button, the "Drawing Tools" disappear. Only the "Question tools" remain. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vera

can you upload your file.  I have tested a sample creating a slide with two shapes, then selecting convert to freeform pick one.

When I select one of the shapes and click edit states as long as I am on the object I want to change I have both tabs, however if I have two shapes and click edit states and then select the other shape - then Drawing Tools disappears - could that perhaps be what you are doing?

Vera G

First I select the shape, then I go to States. I tried to select the shape again after selecting the state, but unfortunately the "Drawing Tools" don't re-appear.

Yesterday I reinstalled Storyline according to the repair procedure. This didn't solve the problem in my original files. However when I create a sample file it works fine now. So I guess something in the orginal files is corrupt. I can't upload the files here.  But I'll try to copy/import slides to new projects.


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