Problem with embedded storyline file in moodle not playing in AS iOS player

I am experienced with Storyline but new to embedding scorm objects in moodle pages. 

This has been successful, and works great on desktop. I like having the AS player on iPad play my content when on my tablet however and AS player says it cant open this content.

Is there a workaround either in terms of exporting or embed settings that will allow me to do this please?

Your help is much appreciated,



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ant!

Are you referring to the Articulate Mobile Player perhaps?

You can find documentation about that here.   Since your LMS doesn't support Tin Can API, you'll want to look at the directions below:

  • Deploy your course as HTML5 content, and have learners access it from your LMS with a browser that supports HTML5: This is a good option if you’re using an LMS which does not support Tin Can API and if learners will use an iPad or other device which doesn’t support Flash. When you publish, choose LMS as your publish option, and mark the checkbox to “Include HTML5 output. Find out more about publishing for LMS here.