Problem with enter key

Apr 14, 2018

Hi, can anyone help me please (sample file attached)? I recreate a sample file according to my actual file.

I have 2 entry boxes for learner to key in, and they may submit answer by clicking submit button and press enter key. 

The problem exits when press the enter key to submits the correct answer, 1st time press enter key, incorrect layer been shown. However when press enter key again without changing the number, correct layer been shown. 

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Joshua Crigger

Hiya Calvin,

Happy to help here. I downloaded your file took a look through your setup and triggers and did some testing. For the life of me, I have not been able to replicate the issues you have laid out.

Am I correct in that the problem you are facing is that when you input the correct answers for both text input boxes '123' into box 1 and '456' into box 2 and hit the enter/return key that you are initially getting the 'incorrect' slide with the 🚫 symbol but when you hit the enter/return key a 2nd time you get the 'success' slide with the ⭕️ symbol displaying?

This is what I have tested for and was not able to replicate. I have created a quick video showing you my trial of this which can be seen here:


I have additionally published this to my server for testing so you can try it here as well: 

Would you be able to re-test this and let me know if you are still running into this problem? If so how are you testing this? Can you tell me more about your setup and software versions? Any additional info would be helpful.


calvin goh

Hi Joshua,

I tried your link and it work fine. 

I tired to publish the file at my end with flash/html5 setting, and i faced the same problem. Please find attached, short video form my testing.

Here is the list of info you may need:
- Articulate Storyline 3.2 
- After key in data, learner may click "Submit" button or press "Enter" key to submit their answer.

Can i have your articulate file to compare the setting of your?

Joshua Crigger

Hello again Calvin,

Great to hear back from you! I have attached the file I used to this post but really it is the exact file I got from you initially as I have made zero changes to it.

As this is working in Storyline 360 I am thinking this may be a bug in version 3.2. In looking at the release notes for Storyline 3.3 I am seeing there was a fix for some triggers that did not work consistently in HTML5 output which included key-presses.

I have tested your file in the latest release of Storyline 3 and found success. My suggestion for you to fix the issue you are facing would be to update to the latest version of Storyline 3 which seem to have a patch for this applied.

Want to give this a go and let me know if it resolves your problem?