Problem with ESSAY

Oct 15, 2014

Hi, (sorry for my english)

I have a problem with ESSAY activity. The goal of my activity is to write text (up to 5000 characters) related to the mission of their future business.

The first problematic situation is when I create the activity, there is an area of ​​writing (text entry) that appears. As a student, I write my text in this area with several words and paragraph (example 5 paragraphs). Then the scrollbar appears when my text is longer than the area of ​​writing. Until then, it's ok. The problem comes when I want to change for example my first paragraph. When I change this paragraph, the text automatically goes to the end and I don't see my text and the cursor for the text.

The second problematic situation is to set the first situation. I inserted a scrolling panel in this activity. I inserted the text entry in this scrolling panel and I set the text entry with a length of 2000px. It's works well but the problem comes when I enter text that is longer than the scrolling panel, the text does not going down as I write. Must be manually scrolling down the panel to see the text.

And finally, when I click in the area of ​​writing for a change in my text, all the text is selected automatically. Is it possible to disable this action?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Philippe,

Sorry, but I don't have a solution. I at least wanted to respond so maybe this will get "bubbled up" to the top. All the things that you describe have also happened to me with text entries.

Perhaps someone with a solution will jump in or, at the very least, perhaps we'll be told that there is NO solution.

Wish I could have been more helpful. ;(