Problem with key press trigger on number (with and w/out numpad)


I have a Text Entry field with a "User presses a key" trigger that displays a layer when a key is pressed.

The problem is: the key pressed muste be "5", it works when I use the numpad, but when I press 5 on the Azerty Keyboard  "Shift+(" it doesn't work, so I have added a 2nd trigger but it doesn't work when CAPS Lock is activated and I have also problems on other keyboards like Qwerty or Qwertz.

Is there any solution to make the trigger works on numbers on keyboard with and without numpad?

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Ludovic,

I don't know if Storyline is set up to support alternative keyboards... hopefully someone from Articulate can clarify.

But if it doesn't, you could use an external JavaScript library to capture the right keystrokes. There is an example I put together for someone else here. If you need a hand customising this to meet your needs let me know. Happy to help where I can.