Problem with Layers in Articulate Storyline 2

So I have an Articulate Storyline 2 file.  I have layers which are triggered by a user either clicking on or mousing over a line of text on a slide.  These layers appear correctly when I preview the slide in Storyline.  They do NOT work at all once I publish and view them in a browser.  I've tried both Chrome and Firefox with no luck.  I am working from a copy on my local C drive and am publishing to my C drive.  I have also verified that I've installed all necessary updates.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Leigh Dragoon

It's odd, I completely deleted the triggers on one slide and redid them, and they work now.  I then republished the entire project and now ALL the triggers are working.  So I have no idea.  Could it possibly have been a problem with converting an old project to the newest version of Storyline?

One tiny problem: I can't figure out how to close the layer once it's open.  I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing/forgetting about on that count. :P  I've attached the slide in question.

Thanks so much for the quick response, Phil!

Leigh Dragoon

Sorry, this post got lost.  I was able to recreate the error.  I've attached a slide.  The settings are for the layer to appear on hover.  That works in preview but not after I publish.  If I change it from "on hover" to "user click" and republish, THEN it works.  Any idea what might be going on?  My apologies for the confusion, I didn't realize I was looking at the wrong slide for awhile.