Problem with line motion path for very wide text box behaving unexpectedly

I have a motion path that should shift a text box far enough to the right that most of the characters in the text box (all occurrences of the letter "f") are off the page. Instead, the text box jumps left before the motion path starts, so it does not go as far right as expected. See screencast and attached story.

Thank you.




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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ellen,

Motion paths are set to the centre of the object. In your case, you have offset the motion path start point to the left and so, when the motion starts, the first thing that happens is that the centre of your text box moves to the start point of the motion path and then it follows the path to the right.

Your motion path is already the correct length, so if you just move your motion path to the right so that the start point aligns with the centre of your text box, you will find that it works just as you want it to. Don't worry that the motion path extends beyond the side of the slide as that is what is necessary in this case.

Amended version of you slide attached.