Problem with LMS tracking - help please

Hello - the link below is an end of course Storyline quiz - 15 questions (each pulled from a bank) and points allocated and summed in a variable if answered correctly. If the learner scores 3600 or above they pass, if they don't then they fail and respective success and retry screens are shown. This all works fine. 

I have published as AICC, with tracking based on the quiz results slide. However when run from the LMS I have 2 problems:

1. the course is tracked as complete regardless of whether they score 3600 points or not

2. no score seems to be passed to the LMS as the score field remains blank

I have been told by my LMS admin that the course does not send a score back to the LMS so I need to  make sure a score is being sent to the LMS (obvious right?). I am sure I am missing something really obvious here but for the life of me cannot work out what. This was modified from an elearningbrothers template - can someone please help me? I have attached question answers to hopefully make testing easier.

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