Problem with Master Slide Layout when using Step by Step Simulation

When I record my screen for a simulation and insert it as Step by Step in Try Mode, shapes from the Master Slide Layout don't appear. On the layout, I have a blue rectangle with a text place holder on it - the text place holder shows up but not the blue rectangle. Is this normal? The screen recording is small enough so that it does not seem that it would overlap with the rectangle on the master layout. 

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Jack Drolet

Thanks Christie! Here's a stripped down version with nothing confidential and only the unexpected behavior I found. I'm wondering why the shapes on the master layout (one is blue) don't show up when it seems they don't overlap with the simulation. Appreciate your help. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jack -- Thanks for your patience while I took a look at your file, and I appear to be experiencing the same difficulties you've described. As such, I'd like to recommend that you reach out to our support engineering team for their insights, as well, and here is the form you'd need to do so. And if you'd like to stop back in with your case number, we'll be happy to follow along!