Problem with Motion Path and Timeline

Here's my problem:

When I move an object using a motion path and the object then disappears, the object reappears where the object ended using the motion path when I jump to the beginning of the timeline. The whole thing happens when the timeline hasn't finished yet.

But now I have to make sure that the users can jump back and forth and that the objects are in the right place.

Here is a STORY file as an example.

I'm using the latest version of S360.


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Stefan,

I can see what your problem is, but I am not sure there is a solution if you want your image to disappear before it reaches the edge of the slide. If, on the other hand, you are happy for your image to move right across the slide and disappear off the left hand edge, all you need to do is to extend your motion path accordingly. Now, whenever you reset back to the start of the timeline, you won't see the image until it appears at the start of the motion path, even if the animation is complete (see attached version 2).

Note that you can also move the start of the motion path off the right hand side of the slide if you want your image to gradually appear from that side rather than just fade in on the slide.

Not sure if that achieves what you are after, but hope it at least gives you another option.

I should also add that I am not sure why your issue is occurring. Perhaps it is something that a member of the Articulate staff may be able to comment on.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stefan,

I took a look at your file, and I see what you're describing, but only if I click much earlier in the timeline and the object has just disappeared. If I wait to click back after it's been gone or the timeline ends, the object appears back at the start and also if I click in the middle of the seekbar the object restarts at that moment even if it had already disappeared. 

It seems similar to another bug, so I wanted to confirm if that matches what you're seeing. 

Stefan K.

Hi Ashley,

" If I wait to click back after it's been gone" This is wrong from my perspective. Even when I click one second before the timeline ends, the objects appear in the wrong position.

The objects only appear at the beginning if the object has not disappeared or if the timeline has expired.



Ned Whiteley

Hi Stefan,

I was determined not to be beaten by this one and I think I now have a solution that will suit your requirements.

In the attached version 3 of your original Storyline file I have added another motion path, which is the reverse of the original one. Once the initial animation completes, the state of the picture is changed to hidden whilst it quickly (in 0.1 sec) returns to its original start position on the right of the slide. At this point its state is changed back to Normal, however it does not become visible until the animation begins again on Motion Path 1.

The end result is that the picture moves from right to left and disappears as it used to previously. However, now when the timeline is reset, the picture appears on the right hand side without first appearing briefly at the end of the first motion path.

The only issue I have found is that you can have problems if you reset the timeline beyond the two second point that  normally triggers the start of the animation. other than that, all appears to be OK.