problem with multiple feedback slide masters


I added a feedback slide master to my Storyline project, so that I have two feedback slide masters. They are both preserved. When I change a feedback layer's layout, save it, and close my Storyline project, and open it back up, the feedback layer shows the feedback layer from the OTHER feedback slide master (when I preview it).

For example, I choose the correct feedback layout "A". I save and close my presentation. When I open and preview it, it shows the correct feedback layout "B" instead of "A".

Is there something else I should do?

Thanks, Lesley

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Lesley Mizer

Hi, Adrian,

Thanks for taking the time help me find an answer. My presentation kept switching feedback slide masters after I saved, closed and reopened the project - must be some kind of bug.

For example, I have feedback slide master A and feedback slide master B. I would apply feedback slide master B to a layer, save and close the presentation. When I would reopen the presentation, preview that slide, that layer would display the feedback slide from master A. Does that make sense? I tested it several times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. 

I ended up making all applicable layers use slide master B feedback slides, then I deleted slide master A. I created a new slide master, applied it to some of my slides and so far, I haven't noticed them switching masters. Weird.

Thanks again for your help!


Peter Anderson

Hey Lesley!

Thanks for the info, and glad to hear that it sounds like it's working properly now. If the issue pops up again, I'd encourage you to record a screencast using our case submission form, so that we can determine if the issue is indeed a bug and get it fixed for future updates. Thanks for the help!

Lesley Mizer

Hi, Peter!

Will do! I hope it was as simple as user error.  It might be worth mentioning that I had already inserted my test banks into my course and was trying to edit after the fact, but I wouldn't think that would matter... Anyways, if I see it again, I will definitely submit! Thanks!