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I have 3 quiz's of 4 questions each in my lesson and each quiz has a seperate results slide. On each results slide I have a Review Quiz, Retake Quiz and a Next button.  Now I have gotten everything working apart from the Review Quiz button.

Now when I go through any of the the sets of questions and then click the Review Quiz button it takes me to a feedback layer of one of the questions and not the correct/incorrect results for each question. I have the button pointing at the correct results slide so I am at a loss for why it is doing this, help!

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Kelly Sheehan

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the link. I have ticked the option on the feedback layers to hide slide layer when timeline finishes which I thought would fix things but no luck.

So I ran through one of the quiz's again and after clicking the Review Quiz button the feedback layer appeared but I didn't touch anything for a little bit and after a few seconds the question slide appeared all by it's self. I am totally confused why it is doing this, it is showing the feedback layer related to the answer I gave on that question and then the question appears with the correct answer and the users answer shown, very odd!

The settings are exactly the same to other lessons where there is only 1 quiz and these work perfectly when you click the Review Quiz button. I am on a tight deadline at the moment and if this problem can't be fixed I will just have to remove the Review Quiz button in all the lessons, which I would like to avoid!

Kelly Sheehan

Hi Wendy,

I have attached a storyline file with all 3 quiz's in. There are also 2 scenes I have setup. We also decided to switch to Question banks hence why the first questions come from the bank but the other 2 don't.

I have also attached a storyline file with just one quiz in that works perfectly and I wish the 3 quiz's review button to work the same if possible.

Thanks for your help :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelly

see attached file.  As my comment above it was just a trigger on the Continue button to hide the layer.

I only worked on scene 1 and the correct feedback layers.  I added a trigger to hide the layer when the user clicks the Continue button.

See Peek video

Hope this helps