problem with multiple trigers on one object

Aug 22, 2016

Hi all

Im making a quiz in SL2 but i have problem with one question.
In this question there are 2 correct answers. So i created a workaround.

I have made two rectangles with a 'normal' and a 'sellected' state (to test this i have placed both rectangles in the slide).
I added triggers on answer 1 and 2 to change the state of the green rectangle to 'sellected', and a trigger on answer 3 to change the state of the red rectangle.
Addes a freeform 'pick one', correct answer is the green rectangle, wrong answer is the red. So far everything works fine.

But, after that, im adding triggers to change the state of the 3 answers to sellected (radiobutton and tekstbox) so the user can see the answer he sellected.
After that it doesnt work anymore. The correct rectangle isn't sellected anymore, and the state of the radiobutton doesnt change.

I added the slide, on the most left answer i added the triggers to change radiobutton and tekstbox. The other two only have the triggers to sellect the rectangles.

i hope somebody can help me! thanks alot!


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