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Flipfly Support

Hi everybody,
I tried to follow the support's instructions....

1) Close the Articulate 360 desktop app if it's running. Just right-click the Articulate icon in your computer's system tray (by the clock) and choose “Quit”.

2) Go to your Control Panel and uninstall all Articulate 360 apps, including the Articulate 360 desktop app, Peek, Replay 360, Storyline 360, and Studio 360.

3) Download and extract this zip file on your computer:


4) Right-click the 360cleanup.bat file and choose “Run as administrator”; The script should only take a few seconds to remove all the Articulate files and registry keys from your computer.

5) Reboot your computer.

6) Download the latest Articulate 360 desktop app here:


Right-click on the installer and select “Run as administrator”.

7) After installation, right-click on the Articulate 360 desktop app and select “run as administrator”. Then click “Install” beside each authoring app you want to install.

8) Reboot your computer and test your Articulate apps.


...But nothing happened!
the problem still remains!  :-(
I'm really hopeless :-(

Can you help us?

Thanks a lot!


Brent Daviau

I also tried the instructions posted here:

If Storyline 360 isn't working properly, a simple repair usually fixes the problem. You'll need an active internet connection to perform these steps.

1. Launch your Articulate 360 desktop app by clicking the Articulate icon in your computer's system tray (beside the clock) or by double-clicking the Articulate 360 shortcut on your desktop.
2. Hover over Storyline 360 until a drop-down arrow appears, then click the arrow and choose Uninstall Storyline 360.
3. When Storyline has finished uninstalling, reboot your computer.
4. Launch your Articulate 360 desktop app again, then click the Install button next to Storyline 360. A fresh copy of Storyline will automatically install.
5. Reboot your computer again and test Storyline.

No luck here as well.

Brent Daviau

Thank you for chiming in Cuenta 1 Articulate,

I wanted to share with the community that I added a feature request requesting a "restore previous update setting" be added to the 360 app. While I completely understand it is Articulate's goal to get everyone on the same update, it is equally important for everyone to have access to a version that works. It may be possible that the more feature requests that are submitted, maybe this request may become a reality.

sandy sobotka

For me, with Storyline 360, I have been working on a project when my laptop randomly shuts down. This has never (not one time) happened prior to installing SL. Now it has happened three times in the span of a month. Unfortunately, the SL file I was working in at the time becomes corrupted and unusable.

Also, when I am using the Content Library or publish to Articulate Online, I am randomly getting this message -- 'You are offline. Please connect to the internet and try again.' I have no idea why I get this message when I am connected with a strong connection to the internet, and logged into my Articulate 360 account. I can access other online tools through SL.

Both items are very frustrating in an otherwise lovely experience developing.

I am using Windows 7. I save my source files locally. And, they are not overly complex or large source files. I have tried figuring out a rhyme or reason (i.e. naming of a slide starting with a character), but there doesn't seem to be one.

Help! I am having lots of lost work and daily 'File > Save as' frustration!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brent, Flipfly and Cuenta, 

If the repair steps didn't work for you, our Support team can help with additional troubleshooting as they'd want to take a look at further specifics as to your computer and system. You can reach out to them here. 

And as Brent said, the more feature requests and information we have from user who need this type of set up - the better! You can send us your ideas and needs right here

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandy, 

It sounds like you've experiencing something a bit different than the others, but I can help! 

Thanks for confirming you're working locally - always the first thing to check. I haven't seen or experienced an issues where the laptop just shuts down, and that is something that would concern me too! Does Storyline freeze first, or just the whole computer shuts down? Any notice of a set amount of time that it's been open or working in it? Do you shut your computer down each night? 

The "connection" message is something folks may see if they're not able to access parts of the Articulate 360 servers based on any restrictions within your network. I'd ask your IT team to help by taking a look at the info here. 

Let me know how things progress after checking into those! 

Sandy Sobotka

Hi there,

The laptop just shuts down. There has been no freeze or warning.
I did notice a brief 'hang-up' moment (not as much as a freeze :)) the last time it happened. I had inserted a character and was working with the expression and pose when the shutdown happened.

When I work in Storyline, it is usually several hours at a time. Sometimes I leave it open as I scoot off to other meetings. Other times, I shut it down.
I do not shut down my computer each night.

On the other topic, I find it odd that the connection message displays sometimes, but not other times. Would that be a restriction on our network? Do the Articulate servers bounce from server to server?

Thanks again for all that you do to help the Articulate community.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandy,

Certainly strange behavior! I'd look at shutting down Storyline at least once a day, and saving throughout the day to help and if you see it again, start a Support case right away! Our Support Engineers can help dig into what's happening on your end. 

As for the connection message, it could be a restriction based on any of those ports we use. All Articulate services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the us-east-1 region located in northern Virginia in the United States. For more information on where and how Articulate content is hosted you may want to review the info in our Trust Center as well. If the IT team is able to help with allowlist and enabling those network endpoints and ports that'll be a great first step to confirm what issues with the connection you may be having. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Federico,

The update released last night was a hotfix for two issues that appeared immediately of:

  • Fixed: HTML5 output might not track properly in Articulate Online after installing the previous update. Learners could see an incomplete status after completing a course.
  • Fixed: Video files couldn't be added to interactive markers.

If you're having difficulty installing the latest Articulate 360 updates, please work with our Support Engineers here. They're tracking the few instances we have seen to determine if there is a common cause, and so far it's been user/computer specific. 

Katie Riggio

Hi everyone,

I want to circle back here to thank you all for your patience and receptiveness while we got to the bottom of this!

We just released another update for Storyline 360, which includes a fix for the issue where Storyline stopped working after installing Update 11.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

As always, please feel free to reach out here or to our Support Engineers directly if you have any questions!