Problem with number variables

Hi all, the project i made includes a numberline which is divided into 10 equal parts. There are 4 numerical variables, two for each fraction (numerator and denominator). The student must fill in the 4 variables with the correct values. If he fills them up properly, a message box appears telling him if he did it correct or wrong. The problem is that: If he completes the second fraction correctly, the appropriate message appears. But if he completes the first fraction correctly, then the slide layer tells him that what he has completed it wrong.

I think, layers yes or no are not displayed correctly.

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spiros kiriazidis

Hi Wendy. Thanks for your reply!

I want to have one submit button for all the actions. Also i want the student, for example, to complete the first fraction and then click on submit button to see if the result is correct, then the second and so on. The student should be able to choose any fraction he wants in any order.

Do you have any suggestion?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Spiros

it's not going to work the way it is set up because once 'control loses focus' meaning the user clicks the submit button for the first fraction, because the second fraction doesn't have values it will automatically mark it incorrect.

You may be able to do it in layers - will you only be showing those two fractions or are you intending to have more?