Problem with padding in multiple choice answers

I'm using a template in which the default padding for my multiple choice answers is 10px on the left side, but that puts the text right up against the radio button. I changed it to 20px to make the text a little easier to read.

The weird thing happens when I publish the course - some of the boxes (usually only the top one) will revert back to a 10px left padding . Sometimes this is only on the normal state. When I go back into my course it has actually reset it to 10px.

Any ideas how I can overcome this? I could go back and reset everything to 10px but I'd like to have the flexibility to add that spacing in there.

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Douglas Spencer

I,ve seen this before. When it happened to me it was because the padding was setup when the answer was set as correct. Because of this, the padding does not apply to all states.

The fix it, I had to make the selection incorrect (not selected), adjust the padding, and then change it to a correct answer again.