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Jun 19, 2019

My learners have problems with a passing course. For example, I published the course and checked that it works well in Google Chrome or in  Internet Explorer. But when learners try to do an online course, they had some problem with the button reaction and hotspots, it does not react when you click on it.

Where is the problem?

1. In publish settings (I use Flash/HTML 5, but i am not sure that it is correct)?

2. In browser? (we use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)

3. In LMS settings (Is it correct to refer to index_lms.html file in project?)

Please help me to find a reason, we trying so much to make qualified content, but this situation ruins everything. 

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Mischka Zeldenrust

I think we are running into a similar issue. When the user navigates between questions in our certification exam, some of the objects lose their interactivity, making it impossible to complete the question. Other questions have objects that never load properly. In some cases the question text doesn't load.

The issues are random and hard to reproduce. Restarting the exam often seems to fix the issue for affected questions during the first run, but other questions are often bugged during the second run.

Are there more users running into these issues? Currently, it's preventing us from delivering the certification exam to our customer.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for the help, Dante and Mischka.

Sofia, I'd agree with Dante's recommendation as more browsers will be disabling Flash Player by default. It is likely that most of your viewers are seeing the HTML5 output, anyway. And yes, you are correct: If your LMS requires you to identify the file that launches your course, point to index_lms.html for SCORM/AICC content or story.html for Tin Can API content.

Mischka brought up an interesting point - if you're navigating back and forth between questions, especially if they're already answered, they won't respond to changes. I would also confirm that this isn't your learners' experience.

Otherwise, we'd be happy to have a closer look at your course and test on our end! You can share it privately with my team here. We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

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