Problem with Player

Hello!  I've posted this once before and I continue to have problems with it.

In the tutorial, it shows how you can delete menu items out at the Player level, and they will not show up in the Menu.

As I delete them, I watch them disappear out of my menu.

I also change this course title, and watch this change.

I then save it under a new name.

However, when I go to preview it, the title remains the same and the menu items return.  So frustrating!  I've done this over and over.

Does any one else have the problem?


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Peter Anderson

Sorry for the trouble, Stephanie. 

Would you mind recording a quick screencast of the exact steps you're taking to accomplish what you're trying to do? You can launch our free screen recorder, and then share the video either here or send it to us privately

Thanks, Stephanie. Eager to see exactly what's going on...