Problem with publish in IE10

My first Storyline 2 challenge.

If a project previews fine why won’t it publish fine?

Previously saved versions did and still publish fine.  I have added a lot of layers and effects to the second slide in scene 1 of the recently saved version.  The length has not changed between versions, 4:32.  The slide length is based on the narration/music length.  The first slide is a :54 video.

The published file plays fine in a stand-alone Flash player but not in IE 10 browser.  It stops working at the first transition between slides 1 and 2 and an ! appears on the screen.

I have tried changing the transition from a push to none and still have the same result. Tried rebooting.  Looked over and over at the layers, animations etc., everything looks normal.

Is it possible to have too many things happening on one slide?  I have 43 layers; I can’t imagine that is too many, but maybe. 

The layers on slide 2 include 9 short videos, both avi and mp4s.  Maybe I shouldn’t mix file types.

Seven of nine scenes are completed with lots happening on screen.

I published for LMS with HTML5 output selected.  The output folder is 146mb containing 370 files and 6 folders.

I am using:

·         Storyline 2, update 5:1505.515

·         16 GB ram

·         Processor Intel core i5-4300U CPU@1.90GHz    2.50GHz

·         64-bit operating system

Sorry for rambling…

Thank you!!



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shane,

When you published for LMS were you uploading to your LMS or just testing the published output locally? If the latter, you'll want to ensure you're testing in the intended environment as described here. 

I haven't seen a limit to layers or videos - but that does sound like a lot, and maybe more than IE can handle? The CD output plays in a version of IE - so similar. Can you test in a different browser?