Problem with publishing HTML vs flash in LMS

Mar 05, 2018

My company uses PeopleSoft LMS. I publish to LMS using the default setting of HTLM5 with flash fallback.  Unfortunately when loaded into our LMS the course behaves as it should when accessed in Chrome, but in Internet Explorer the course will automatically progress. So in places where the next button is the trigger to the next slide or a button is the trigger to the next slide, the trigger is happening atomically and I can't figure out how to make the course work in PeopleSoft for both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I tried publishing just html, html with flash, flash with html, and flash only.

works best...only in Chrome with html with flash fall back.    

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mary.  It sounds like the slides are automatically advancing in Internet Explorer whether it's Flash or HTML5 output hosted in your LMS.

Do you notice a difference in behavior if you upload your output to SCORM Cloud?  We use SCORM Cloud to test LMS output since it's a neutral environment.

If you've got a link to your output, or if you can share you .story file here, I'm happy to test on my end, too!

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