Problem with quiz formatting / align


I created a quiz at the end of a series of slides for use on our LMS. The resource worked beautifully, but a change had to be made.

The Story file was picked up by another colleague and the change made on a different computer (and license), all went well and the resource was published to the LMS.

One more change was requested and I picked up the most recent story file.  The formatting on my computer was out of align (see screen shot below and story file attached).  When we checked on my colleagues computer, it looked fine.

I've had this problem before, where if I pick up a Story file created by someone else the slides don't align the way they should.

Any ideas anyone?  This one has us all stumped!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenny,

In addition to the fonts used, you may also want to ensure that everyone who is working on the file does so by working on their local drive as described in this work flow and has their DPI setting to 96 DPI.  You'll also want to check that you're viewing the slides at 100% zoom, as other views could move or distort text or elements on the slide. 

I took a look at the file you attached, and everything looked normal in terms of formatting. 

Jenny Roberts

Thank you Alexandros and Ashley for you efforts!  We are super happy atm and very appreciative! 

It seems that the problem was a difference in the DPI setting.  Once that was changed on my machine to match the other (96 DPI), everything aligned beautifully again. :)

Thank you both so much!