Problem with repeating a scene, need advice

Dec 02, 2019

Hi all,

I attach a small part of a (German-language, please ignore the contents ;-)) project I am working on. It is also on Review 360 at

To experiment with it, simply click "Weiter" (next) three times and then click on any of the four "Wählen" (=choose) buttons at the bottom. Close the box by clicking on the "x", and repeat the same (click "Wählen" and then click the "x") three times. On the final slide, click "Erneut versuchen" (=try again).

Then, click "Weiter" once. You should now be able to make a new "first choice"; instead, the overlay for the answer chosen on the first run is shown directly, and I wonder why. In the story triggers, the layer is supposed to be shown only if a button is pressed - but it directly appears. Closing this layer takes you to the second dialogue - where you can choose a button (as opposed to the first dialogue).

Does anybody have an idea why this course behaves in this way? I am not aware of any "triggers" based on values etc. that should cause the display of the layer; . On the other hand, if the course "remembered the chosen answer and displayed the previously shown layer", this should also happen on the second, third and fourth dialogue (but doesn't). Or is this perhaps some bug inside Storyline 360?

(Please excuse the German contents, you do not have to read or understand any of the content to replicate the problem...)

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Guido Roessling

I found the option ("gear menu" for the slide). Interestingly, it was set to "when revisiting: automatically decide", but decided to reset to the saved state for the first dialogue and not for the other three. I still cannot quite figure out why it would behave this way - perhaps this is actually a bug, it was supposed to "revert to the previous state" according to, but at least now the problem seems to be resolved - thanks again, Phil.
(Once I knew what to search for, I actually found your old answer to another person asking something related...)

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