Problem with Review Button on Results Slide

I have some knowledge check/scenario questions in my course besides a final assessment. I have one slide with buttons where the learner can click on them to go to the slide with each question. On the actual question slides I have the attempts set to 2. When I preview them they work great with the learner submitting once and if it's incorrect the "try again" feedback slide layer comes up and then after that either the correct or incorrect slide shows depending on how they answered. However, now that I've turned a results slide into my main slide with all the buttons to get to the questions it's like it overrode the 2 attempts and now only let's the learner have 1 attempt. I turned the results slide into my main slide with all the buttons for the questions so that I could utilize the "review quiz" button with all of the logic already complete. Everything works great with the exception of now learners only getting 1 attempt and I need it to be 2. 

I will not be able to provide the file as it's a confidentiality issue with my company but any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Julie.

Thank you for reaching out!

I'm not sure I fully understand how you designed your project, but based on your description, it appears that you start with your Results slide and use the Review button to take the learner to other questions. 

Since you are already on the Results slide, my guess is that it sees it as the first attempt being completed.

Are you able to share your .story file privately through a support case so we can investigate what's happening? If not, a sample .story file with how you designed the main slide might also be helpful.