Problem with SL1 Player Listitems (Section headers and Section subheaders)

Desired Behavior:

I want the Menu Pane in my courses to have section headers and subheaders. Once users have completed a subheader the text for that subheader will change from black to gray. Once the user has visited all of the subheaders, then the section header will change from black to gray.

Currently, my menu pane is behaving erratically.

  • User1 menu pane remained as they moved through the entire course. 
  • User2 menu pane behaved, in most sections, as expected and a couple of sections did not change colors at all
  • User3 menu pane experienced the desired behavior in all sections accept one. In that one section, the section header changed to gray even thought they did not visit all of the subheaders in the section.
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