Problem with slides appearing on menu when using two scenes

I have a quiz with two scenes. One has the questions, and the other the rationale feedback for users. I do not want a menu while the user takes the quiz. The menu checkbox has been unchecked in the player. I want the menu in the feedback scene so use slide-level control on each slide to display the menu. When the project is launched, the quiz does not have a menu. However, when the feedback slides are accessed, the quiz questions are also listed (if the user expands the selection.)  I do NOT want the question slides to be included in any menu. Is there a way to keep them off the slides in the feedback scene? I hope someone can help as I am on a very tight deadline to solve this and complete the project.

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Nancy Roderick

Thank you so much for your assistance, Jill. That did remove the quiz questions from the menu. However, I wanted to use the search feature and although I have removed the quiz scene from the player menu items, those questions DO appear when I search in the feedback scene.  I think users would love the search, but I don't want them pushed back into the quiz if they click the item in the search items. Hope this makes sense. If you know how to get rid of those items for a search, let me know.

Nancy Roderick

The search feature is disabled in the player because it indicates the need for a menu and that is disabled in the player. I have enabled the menu on the individual feedback slides, but now it is picking up any slide in the entire project that has the keywords. I only want the search to pick up the keywords in the feedback slides that are included in the menu.